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2014, Yes It Is Here Already!

Welcome back to a new year at DVPS in 2014. 

As always there is lots going on this year. We have a full schedule of activities planned with outings, presentations and of course, competitions. Check out the Syllabus web page to see what we are doing and when.
Our first meeting for the year is on Wednesday, and don't forget to bring along your entries for the first competition. If you have forgotten where we are, check out the Map web page ;-)
Also don't forget to start preparing your selections for VAPS. Entries are due next month.

Look forward to seeing you there!

2013 Trophy winners.

Friday 6th December at the Eltham Hotel's Function room was the date and place for our awards night.
Our guest judge was Dr Bert Hoveling.Phd EFIAP.FAPS.SSAPS.SSVAPS. Bert gave a general critique of all the images entered into each section before homing in on the winning entry.

Our successful members for 2013 were...

  • Gordon Allingham Trophy. Kaye Kelly with a shot of a Nankeen Kestrel.
  • Lil Rayner Trophy was won by Stephanie Johson with an image titled Timeless Playground.
  • Electronic Data Projected Image was won by Ross Kimber with an image of an Auckland Streetscape.
  • Small print Trophy wa s won by Stephanie Johnson with an image titled Lotus Glow
  • Colour Print of the year was won by Leanne Robson with a print titled Slow Motion.
  • Black and White Trophy was won by Damien Lewis with a print titled Snowing in Central Park.
  • The most Improved maker for 2013 went to Leanne Robson.
  • The encouragement award was presented to Anthony Begovic.

The winning images can be found in the 2013 Winners Gallery.
The Eltham Hotel set our room up nicely and all meals were well received.

2015 Syllabus

Following is a list of the photography competitions scheduled for this year.

Comp No. Competition Details Due Date Results
1 Competition 1 - Open 11 Feb 11 Mar
2 Competition 2 – Patterns and Textures 11 Mar 8 Apr
3 Competition 3 – Open Monochrome 8 Apr 13 May
4 Competition 4 – Yellow and Red 13 May 10 Jun
5 Competition 5 - Open 10 Jun 8 Jul
6 Competition 6 – Outdoor Portraiture 8 Jul 12 Aug
7 Competition 7 – Out of the Box 12 Aug 9 Sep
8 Competition 8 – Street Photography 9 Sep 14 Oct
9 Competition 9 – Landscape/Seascape 14 Oct 11 Nov
EOY End Of Year Entries 14 Oct 4 Dec

Notes for the above competitions in this years syllabus.

Competition 4 - Yellow and Red

  • The colours Yellow or Red, or both must be the dominant colours of the image.

Competition 6 - Outdoor Portraiture

  • A portrait shot in available light. You may use reflectors or fill flash, but not studio lighting.

Competition 7 - Out of the Box

  • Images must be jpeg format, shot straight from the camera, with no post processing, cropping or resizing.

Competition 9 -Landscape / Seascape

  • Images of landscape or seascape. Images may contain man made structures.

Club Activities and Events
Following is a list of the other activities and events that are scheduled for this year.UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR 2015

11 Feb 2015 Attractions and expectations (includes the following)
  • Preparation of Prints for Comps including Image resizing, Mat Boards (Pre-cut and purchase of board).
  • Print companies
  • Meeting requirements for competitions - Prints and EDPI
  • Interclub competitions
  • Explanation of Syllabus and comps
  • Meet & Greet

+ Entries due for competition 1 – OPEN
+ Entries due for VAPS

25 Feb Outdoor Portraiture with Paul Robinson
11 Mar Mini Presentation: Monochrome – An illustrated chat with Adrian Smith.
Judging of Competition 1
+ Entries due for Comp 2 – Theme: Patterns & Textures
25 Mar Photo Books – Presentation by Photobooks Australia
8 Apr Mini Presentation: Format, Viewpoint & Perspective with Brian Skelley
Judging of Competition 2
+ Entries due for Comp 3 – Theme: Open - Monochrome
22 Apr Close up and Macro photography with Brian Skelley.
Bring your camera and equipment.
9 May Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser at South Morang
13 May Mini Presentation: Balance - 10-15 minute talk.
Judging of Competition 3
+ Entries due Comp 4 – Theme: Yellow and Red
15-17 May Weekend away at Daylesford (capture of Autumn colours)
23-24 May VAPS Convention - Bendigo Latrobe Uni Campus
27 May Sensitive Santa
7 Jun Interclub with Alexandra (At Alexandra)
10 Jun Mini Presentation: Lines: Passive, Dynamic, Leading - 10-15 minute talk.
Judging of Competition 4
+ Entries due for Comp 5 – Theme: Open
24 Jun Getting it right in Camera – Explaining camera options for enhancing photos.
Bring your camera/filters/other equipment.
8 Jul Mini Presentation: Light quality & Direction - 10-15 minute talk.
Judging of Competition 5
+ Entries due for Comp 6 – Theme: Outdoor Portraiture
12 Jul Day outing to 'Sea Winds', Arthurs Seat
22 Jul Presentation: Birdlife photography with Sonja Ross
12 Aug Annual General Meeting
Mini Presentation: Depth of field & Selective Focus - 10-15 minute talk.
Judging for Competition 6
+ Entries due for Comp 7 – Theme: Out of the Box
20 Aug Rosanna Interclub – Host club Rosanna.
26 Aug Street Photography with guest speaker.
9 Sep Mini Presentation: Pattern Positive & Negative space, Motion - 10-15 minute talk.
Judging of Competition 7
+ Entries due for Comp 8 – Theme: Street Photography
23 Sep Improving your images – Damien Lewis to provide feedback and open to the floor for comments, helping to learn what makes images work.
Bring along 2 of your images together with how, why when taken.
11 Oct Photographic journey to Marysville (day outing)
14 Oct Mini Presentation: Colour & Tone with Brian Skelley
Judging of Competition 8
+ Entries due for Comp 9 – Theme: Landscape/Seascape
28 Oct Docklands at Dusk – Walking expedition and adventure with Ross Kimber.
11 Nov Judging of Competition 9
25 Nov Travel Photography with Bert Hovelling
4 Dec End of Year Dinner


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